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Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Based on 178 Reviews

Love this deodorant by Lisa on 12/10/2017

I've tried other natural deodorants but they did not work well. Evelyn Kay keeps me feeling fresh even after working out at the gym. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! by Kristin on 12/04/2017

I was given a sample from a friend and immediately fell in love! I switched to all natural deodorants about 3 years ago. I went back and forth with brands and just settled because I was sick of looking for a new brand. Well when I first tried this I knew it was perfect for me! Not only do I love that it is all natural, but it lasts all day! I do Boot Camp classes and I am also a naturally heavy sweater. I swear this has helped minimize my sweat and it stays fresh...ALL DAY! I have not had the "natural deodorant" scent since I have used this! I am so glad I was introduced to it! I definitely recommend this product!

Amazing! by whitney on 09/24/2017

This is the best organic deodorant ! It's the only one that actually works!!! With a smell that's lite and clean

Love it! by Vivian on 08/16/2017

I have tried several non aluminum deodorants and this by far is my favorite. Pleasant smelling and controls odor.

Great Product! by Rhonda on 08/07/2017

I just recently started using Evelyn Kay Club deodorant, and I absoultley love it! The coconut smell is wonderful, and it does a great job controling body odor even after a hard workout. I only have to apply it once a day versus twice a day with other brands. I would highly recommend Evelyn Kay Club deodorant to anyone who is looking for an effective, healthy natural product to replace their deodorant.

Better than Crystal Salt - works great! by Lori on 08/02/2017

I received this product as a gift from a friend. After struggling for 2 years with a weird rash that no doc seemed to understand, this product saved me! I had stopped using regular deodorants/anti-perspirants more than a year ago and was using the crystal salt - all natural option. Well, I was basically just taking more showers because it didn't really work. This works beautifully and actually moisturizes your underarm skin AND keeps you smelling nice. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has very sensitive armpits or really for anyone that wants to get away from the harsh chemical options. AND - total bonus, my randomly occurring rash hasn't been back.

Nice! by Leisa on 07/06/2017

Impressed! Gave it a test wearing while clearing land several days in 90+ heat. Stayed dry and didnt get smelly! I'm convinced and recommending to my friends

First time user by Carol on 05/16/2017

Upon recommendation -- I tried Evelyn Kay -- Aside from the fact it is a good product for our health -- it is not sticky when you use it -- dries good -- and best of all it smells like coconuts....I highly recommend this product -- Everyone needs to take better care of our health and this is one step everyone can take.

Excellent product by Diane on 04/19/2017

I have been using this product for several weeks and have been surprisingly pleased. I have had issues with my previous brand of antiperspirant/deodorant for years, but had been reluctant to change. It kept me from sweating, therefore eliminating odors. However, I could not wash it off without using a facial scrub with exfoliant properties. I decided to try Evelyn Kay Club after seeing it mentioned on Twitter and noting that it did not contain chemicals or aluminum. I had no idea how much harm that most deodorants cause! With Evelyn Kay, I may perspire, but I have not noticed body odor. I love the smell of the coconut, but it is not overpowering. It washes off without and problems, no residue. I am very pleased with this product. Thank you!

Awesome Product by Ashley on 02/13/2017

I love this deodorant. I love the smell and I love that I can do my workout with it on and not smell when I am done. I have used other natural deodorant but this is my absolute favorite!

Love this deodorant! by Rebekah on 02/13/2017

I spent about a year trying different non-antiperspirant & natural deodorants. For a while I wore Old Spice, which was OK, but it has a strong smell and didn't work great for me after a while. Also, I smelled like my guy friends, so that wasn't really a win. I tried some all-natural brands from Sephora & things I found at TJMaxx. None of them worked for long if at all. I finally started using Evelyn Kay Club deodorant, and have been using it for about a year now. It is the BEST deodorant I have ever used. Gentle on my skin, prevents odor, and has a light, pleasant fragrance. Also, it WORKS, unlike all other natural deodorants I tried. It smells nice and it works. I highly recommend it!

Great product by Jeri on 01/28/2017

Product arrived quickly. I am very pleased with the scent and how well it works. I have tried other natural ones in the past but this is the only I have tried that actually works.

Best deodorant ever!!! by SueBelle on 12/31/2016

I have tried MANY deodorants and this is by far the best one I have ever used. The bonus is that it is free of harmful toxins. The last natural one I tried you had to apply with your fingers and it made my skin break out so I am thrilled with Evelyn Kay, I have already reordered and am giving it to my family members. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Excellent product! by Terese on 12/11/2016

After years of struggling with finding the "right" deodorant this product has ended that search. I am extremely pleased with this product and will no longer use anything else. It is "light" going on and lasts all day. I would recommend others trying and the fact that it's natural is an extra bonus!

Works great in our Florida weather by Linda on 12/07/2016

Like the very mild scent, and really keeps me dry.

5 stars by Lynne on 11/30/2016

I love this product. It is very effective and lasts all day.

Excellent by Tanya on 10/05/2016

This product works! I've tried several other natural products with limited success. This product is effective.

Great value by Christina on 09/26/2016

I heard about this product through a friend, and admittedly was taken aback by the price compared to what I've been paying for what I know is a chemical stew of a traditional deodorant. However, having tried other all natural deodorants and even trying my hand at making my own with only marginal success, I thought perhaps being able to purchase an honest, all natural product someone else has already done the hard work of creating, and supporting a fellow natural body product maker (I make goat milk soap) would be worth the extra cost. My hopes were realized as this product really works, and it feels good knowing I'm not smearing aluminum onto my underarms every day. It arrived promptly after placing my order. I will be coming back to Evelyn Kay Club once this order is used up. Thank you for creating an all natural alternative that actually works. ~A Fulltime Farmer

Its a favorite. by Jessica on 09/18/2016

Bought this for myself and son. My son loves it. We both are very active and axious. Was worried my son wouldn't like the smell because it was feminine. But since its so light and airy he loves it. This will be part of my stocking stuffers for my extended family for Christmas.

A wonderful product! by Maria on 09/12/2016

Wonderful product, I purchased the three pack, kept one for myself and shared the other two with my daughter and my mother. Totally loved the soft scent and it really really works in keeping you fresh and dry. Thank you for making available such a good product.

Great product! by Jeanene on 08/08/2016

I have used this product since it's inception, and was thrilled when the gift packs came out so I could easily share it. I have put it to the test through workouts, landscape work, and two day airline adventures...without STINKING!!!! And absolutely, most importantly, I'm not poisoning my body.

Love this deodorant! by Mary Lou on 07/27/2016

I love this product! It works well and I love the scent. I've tried a lot of natural deodorants, but this one is by far the best I've ever used! I've already given one away and I intend on using this in future gift baskets for friends and family.

My daughter gave me my first Evelyn Kay deodorant and can't by Renee on 07/21/2016

My daughter gave me my first Evelyn Kay deodorant and I can't be without it. I have used other natural deodorant but nothing compares to Evelyn Kay! It goes on smooth and creamy and I feel fresh and odor free all day. Thank you for such a great natural product that really works.

AMAZING!!!!! by Jamie on 07/16/2016

I was recommended this deodorant when I was getting my fitness certification by the master trainer and can I tell you that this has been one of the best investments I have EVER made! I got the 3 pack because I have a family of 3 and I wanted all of us to have this great natural product! It's DEFINITELY gender neutral and both my 12 yr son and my fiancee love it! Thank you so much for making an all natural deodorant that won't affect our bodies in harmful ways!! I will be continuing my future orders for deodorant here!!!

Great Product by Janet on 07/04/2016

Really happy to find a deodorant that doesn't have parabans and other chemicals in it and it WORKS. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I watch the parabans and hormones in products I use. (hard to find products without parabans) Thanks for the amazing deodorant.

Great, except controlling wetness for me. by Carrie on 07/01/2016

I've been using it for a couple of weeks. I love how my skin feels and it does a really good job with oder. I'm a sweater and my only complaint is I wish it did a better job with wetness. I would still recommend this product.

Excellent product by Sandi on 06/30/2016

I have used other natural products, but often felt sticky and unprotected throughout the day. Evelyn Kay deodorant kept me protected even in extreme temps at the beach! Thank you!

Thank you! by Cassie on 06/20/2016

Thank you Evelyn Kay for a natural deodorant that actually works. The consistency of the product has a very pleasant smell and a texture that lasts throughout the day . I will definitely recommend this to others!

Really Good Stuff! by Susie on 06/18/2016

I bought this for my teenaged daughter in hopes of clearing up her acne by allowing her lymphatic system to release toxins as it should. I had my doubts, but after spending hundreds on dermatologist appointments and prescription meds I figured why not. The acne got a little bit worse at first, as it does whenever she makes any change in her routine, but in less than a week her face was clearer than it had been all year. After about three more weeks it is still very clear. I had to try the stuff for myself and I can say it works! I've been wearing it in 95+ weather on the beach this week and I do not feel sweaty and I smell better than I did with store bought deodorant for sure! It feels a little sticky when you put it on, but that goes away quickly. There's no white marks, and it smells like coconut, but then that fades and you don't smell like anything. I really like this product and it's made of all good stuff, so we will keep buying it! You should try it too!

Amazing Product! by JoEllen H on 06/14/2016

I found your company because I'm a NASCAR fan and I am so glad I did. As a family we are trying to find products that are natural and removing any added chemicals from our lives. I live in the Phoenix Arizona area, and it's HOT here. After using this product for a few weeks now, I can swear to the fact that it works under extreme conditions. We've had several days over 115 degrees at this point and this product keeps you fresh all day. I am 100% satisfied and will be a regular customer in the future.

Evelyn Kay Club is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 178 user reviews.
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