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"Jury Awards Record Setting $110.5 in Baby Powder Lawsuit"

By Jessica Benningfield 3 months ago 83 Views No comments

Another record setting judgement against Johnson and Johnson and their use of cancer causing talc.

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"Roundup Gave Us Cancer as EPA Official Helped The Company

By Jessica Benningfield 3 months ago 44 Views No comments

Not only are we concered about what we are putting on our bodies here at EKC, we are concerned about what chemicals we are exposed to in our environment. Read more here:


Toxic Chemicals to Avoid When Pregnant

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 79 Views No comments

"When we get pregnant, we're routinely told to skip alcohol so our kids aren't born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and to stop smoking to reduce the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. But give up nail polish? Nix air freshener? Forego plastic water bottles? The chemicals in these everyday products can be just as toxic to our developing babies as cigarettes or booze, research from the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) shows....."

Read The whole article here: http://www.womansday.com/health-fitness/womens-hea...

27 Reasons To Use Aluminum Free Deodorant

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 432 Views No comments

"....Did you know that there are growing concerns that aluminum may lead to various cancers, Alzheimer’s and a bunch of other diseases? Triclosan, Paraben and propylene-glycol are used in mass-produced deodorants, and have all been linked to a multitude of health issues. The villain here is ignorance. People have trusted large corporations to have their best interests in mind, and didn’t think to research what they’re putting into their systems..."

Read the whole article here: https://mynaturaldeodorant.com/27-reasons-to-use-a...

Get Rid of These 10 Things For Better Health

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 60 Views No comments

"Each and every day, you come into contact with a large number of items—many of which have health risks that can accumulate over time. Many chemicals appear safe yet aren't, and are not likely to be suspected when your health starts failing."

Read the whole article here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive...

Plastic in Your Toothpaste?!

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 56 Views No comments

"Did you know that polyethylene is the most common plastic in the world? It is used primarily for containers and packaging, such as these bottles and plastic grocery bags, and has been a concern for the environment because polyethylene lasts practically forever and isn’t biodegradable. It only breaks down into smaller and smaller particles until you can’t see it anymore. That’s why a couple of states are trying to ban it in body scrubs and dental products."

Read the whole article here: http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/crest-tooth...

Why You Should Do An Armpit Cleanse and How

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 336 Views No comments

"While many people have considered doing a juice cleanse, probably far fewer have ever thought about doing an armpit cleanse!....Not only will an armpit cleanse clean out the build-up of toxins on the skin, but it may reduce the volume and odor of your sweat, boost the immune system and decrease your cancer risk."

Read the whole article here: http://www.naturallivingideas.com/armpit-cleanse/

Risk Factors From Exposure to Chemicals in Cosmetics

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 57 Views No comments

"While the chemicals in cosmetics make us look, feel, and smell better, research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of these chemicals may contribute to the development of cancer in people....Still, many of these chemicals are considered hormone disruptors. Hormone disruptors can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body, by blocking them or mimicking them, which throws off the body's hormonal balance. Because estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer develop and grow, many women choose to limit their exposure to these chemicals that can act like estrogen."

Read the entire article here: http://www.breastcancer.org/risk/factors/cosmetics

Products That Make Men Grow Breasts

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 62 Views No comments

"Axe products are loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals. Endocrine disruptorsare exogenous, synthetic chemicals that have hormone-like effects on both humans and wild-life and interfere with the endocrine system by either mimicking or blocking our natural hormones and disrupting their respective body functions."

Read the whole article here: http://www.realfarmacy.com/men-breasts-cancers/

The Scary Truth About Your Kids Face Paint

By Jessica Benningfield 5 months ago 58 Views No comments

"We've known for years that some face paints include troubling ingredients. In 2009, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a consumer advocacy group, tested 10 face paints on the market in the United States and found that all of them contained lead, while six contained high levels of skin allergens like nickel, cobalt, and chromium. The consumer advocacy group, which in 2007 also found lead in top-selling brands of lipstick, noted that the FDA did not require companies to test the safety of ingredients in cosmetics before selling them. It also did not require companies to list heavy metals like lead on cosmetic product labels."

Read The Whole Article here: http://m.motherjones.com/environment/2015/10/does-...